I Don't Want To

February 27, 2018

I love it when something unexpected comes out of my mouth and I realize later what truth it was passing my lips.  Today was one of those days.


I was talking on the phone with a friend sharing a recent "life situation" that many may have perceived as "bad."  In fact, in all honesty, I didn't think it was all that swell myself early on but in the passing weeks, I did something pretty doggone cool with what happened because I believe with all my heart that things are not done to us but for us.  I know that's hard to understand in some cases but I believe even the most tragic of circumstances (especially in the most tragic of circumstances) we have the ability to grow and knock down yet another barrier or two between ourselves, one another and love.  


So back to my phone call.  I said the most simplistic statements.  "I don't want to be angry with anyone."  "I don't want to carry the weight of that."  And the conversation moved on.


After I hung up I realized how true what I said was.  I meant it with all my heart when I said that I didn't want to carry the weight, the burden of being upset with someone.  Who needs that self-imposed, heavy, garbage-laden load when life can give you enough to "lift?"  Thank you very much.


I immediately felt a sense of profound ease.  Yes, I didn't want to carry that weight, yes I want to keep my life's journey as light as possible for as long as possible, yes, I just want to love and be with those who love me...yes, yes, yes.  


Is it time for you to lay some burdens down or maybe choose to not pick them up to begin with?  There are no winners in the war of holding grudges...or garbage.  


Liberation is a choice and it begins with four simple words.


I don't want to...  



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