Say It Ain't So

March 6, 2018

I'm so tired of something.  I know, call me Pollyanna but I wish the idea of competition was abolished off the face of this earth once and for all.


This coming from a woman who was BEYOND competitive in a sales career for the better part of 20 years, mind you.


What's changed?  In picking up more awareness, my thinking has shifted so my perception has changed.  Let me explain.


Years ago in my sales career, I was taught the "Law of Abundancy" from the book "Simple Abundance."  Paraphrased it went like this "There are 'big pie people' and 'small pie people' the 'big pie people' live as if there is always more than enough to go around, the 'small pie people' live instead with a mindset of scarcity and lack, always fearing they will be left out or trampled on by all the others 'out to get theirs.'"  


I have to say as competitive as I was, I lived by this rule much of the time.  When I didn't get a sale because someone else did, no sweat, there was more than enough to go around.  When I missed out on bringing a new salesperson on the team, it's cool, if I live from a place of abundance, someone else will come my way, I will be taken care of in the end.  


That thinking did and has served me well.  Fast-forward to today with my current business and I am blown away by how many people approach me with questions and a look that only has me thinking "Say it ain't so!"  The perception that what I do is in competition to whatever it is they do, with many barely having a notion of what it is I actually do, by the way.


It's amazing that in a community devoted to one "living their best life" so many are operating out of such a sense of scarcity.  I recognize that the word "scarcity" has "scared" at its root but I think if you are really sound and solid in what you do, wouldn't you know that what you offer is unique solely because it's YOU offering the gift, and wouldn't knowing that allow you to be less fearful and maybe even a bit more graceful? 


I am here today to confess and get the following off my chest!  Take it or leave it but this is where my heart and head are so here goes...  


I, Jennifer Raybaud, have absolutely NO desire to compete with anyone, especially in the work I do.  I believe there are more than enough souls seeking better ways to live and be that scarcity isn't even a "thing." 


I believe that I, Jennifer Raybaud have unique life-experiences and ways of teaching that appeal to some while not appealing to others.  I'm fine with that too.  Let the souls who don't connect with me, connect with you.  


I, Jennifer Raybaud, look at life and the people tossed into mine whether for a moment or millennia, as here for a reason.  A "blessing or a lesson" as the old adage goes.  I have found that to be quite true.  


And finally, I, Jennifer Raybaud, wish all beings well.  Not kidding.  Even if I'm not that fond of you, I still wish you all the best.  I want nothing than to see all of us win at this game called life.  Win without diminishment of another soul.  It's completely do-able and it's a beautiful thing.   


As the ancient Chinese philosopher, Lao Tsu said: "Because she competes with no one, no one competes with her."  #booya 


Sounds good to me!  


Love, luck, light to us all.  <3

May everything divine be yours.

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