Divert or Dig-In?

March 15, 2018

I see a highway in every human being I meet.  A highway that twists and turns throughout the body, but one that for many, is laden with cement roadblocks crews use during construction season to block off lanes or entire roads.  


We're not born with blocks.  I believe we're all born with a sort of Autobahn inside of us.  Clear, clean, barrier-free roads with love, peace, joy, playfulness, trust, honesty etc. coursing through the roads at epic speeds.  Then along comes life...and the barriers.


Throughout childhood, they begin to appear, blocks we have slammed down to keep us "safe" (or so we think) blocking off this road or that road so we can't get hurt again.  Bullying builds block, a rough childhood builds blocks, lost love in adolescence builds blocks, change builds blocks, loss builds blocks...you get the picture.    


So here we are, walking around, our highways filled with barriers and we wonder why we as a collective are so miserable when our innate way of being is to have a barrier-free, rapid speed Autobahn coursing inside us.   


Life's challenges are the blocks and yes, the blocks are there to test you, my friends.  When you are staring one down you have two choices, to break-through and keep the flow of your highway clear or stay held back, constantly lamenting over what detour you'll have to take NOW to get around the block and what part of the highway you'll never experience because you made the choice to divert instead of dig-in. 


Blocks of grief, loss, and change are all the same thing in my mind when you suffer a loss you typically grieve on some level and subsequently face change, but I digress.  


Blocks happen to all of us.  It's how much you value your highway staying free, clear and open vs. choosing the exhausting alternative of zig-zagging your life away, always missing out.  


You may think circumventing the blocks is easier than busting them up and it can seem that way when you first approach one.  Someone you love is diagnosed with an illness, you don't want to deal with it, think about it, don't know what to say, etc. so you push the feelings of fear down, push it away, pretend. Road. Blocked.  


Alternative.  Someone you love is diagnosed with an illness.  You see this as an opportunity to acknowledge the block.  "I don't like you, in fact, I hate you but you will not win.  What am I supposed to learn here?  I want to keep my highway open and live my life fully, so bring it barrier, I am a resilient human being and I know the gifts of wisdom and increased love lie on the other side."


Every block is a barrier to love.  Every block possesses a varying degree of difficulty when it comes to removing it but every block removed is an evolution experienced and another level of depth achieved.  


May we make the monumental choice to keep our highways as barrier-free as possible so we can live life, racing around in the exhilarated state of unending joy, peace, and love.  

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