March 28, 2018

I have wonderful friends. 


Each and every one of them is in my life for a reason and each one brings their unique personalities, talents, and perspectives to me as gifts.  It’s the delivery of the gift that really varies and can make for one fascinating experience. 


I have a couple of friends who are interrupters.  Ones who do things most of my other friends can’t, won’t, or don’t and I get that, I’m like that as well.  But the interrupters are an interesting lot.


Like all close friends, they love you and you know that but unlike most, they, in part, show their love for you by challenging the status quo, challenging the way you see or think about things in your life and trust me, they can “teach you” in some of the most compelling and sometimes alarming ways. 


Often in class, I relay a story about a lunch date I had with one of my beloved interrupters.  As we sat in a booth at a restaurant, she was on her cell phone…and on it, and on it for a good ½ hour straight.  I was getting pretty whizzed-off.  I mean why did she ask me to lunch just to sit on her phone for goodness sake?  It got SO rude that I finally, patience worn thin, voiced what I had only been thinking up to that point.  “Why on earth did you ask me to lunch when all you want to do is play on your phone?”  Seriously!  She looked up from her phone and with eyes that seemed to look right through me, she said “Yeah?  Now you know how it feels.”  OH SNAPPITY-SNAP! Lesson learned beloved interrupter! 


I changed my ways from that day forward.  My phone stays in my purse, ringer off when I am out for everything from coffee to drinks with someone.  It is very, very rare that my friend and I ever have them out when we are together and it’s lovely to know that although most of the world DOES have them out all the time, with her, it’s not like that.  It’s like breathing a sigh of relief knowing that the “third wheel” will not be joining us.  Sweet changes from a less than sweet lesson.


Enter my other interrupter friend who upon confession that I’m a bit OCD when it comes to the fact that the shade on the up-cycled lamp in my new studio won’t stay straight, doesn’t nod in agreement, doesn’t commiserate with my woes, nor does she share some hack she found on Pinterest for keeping shades straight.


She also doesn’t do what most of my friends would when confronting the wonky shade, fix it.  I assure you, there was no fixing of said shade as she sat alongside it, no, in fact, she took her little hand and pushed it so it was more crooked.  Yep!  In a subtle yet epic “Get over it, Raybaud” move, she in one quick movement of the hand, allowed me to see how silly and completely unproductive my uptight nature was.  She didn’t need to say a word.  I laughed, suggested that my “embracing imperfection” was probably a good idea and she laughed in agreement.  Beautiful.  Just beautiful. 


Even though their nature can set me back on my heels occasionally, I see the lessons born out of love, respect, and their support of me truly living my best life as I hope they feel the same from me.  I love these women.


How about you?  Got an interrupter in YOUR life?  Many don’t because interrupters can be misunderstood and may not come wrapped in pretty pink paper with glitter bows but the gift, my friends, even when wrapped in the Sunday funnies with twine, is inside.


As with all human beings, the gift, the real gifts lie inside.  Open your mind and let the labels of what you believe a “good friend” is supposed to look, act, speak, and behave like GO and see what life sends you.  Everyone that crosses your path they say is a blessing or a lesson.  I have found some unique souls that are both. 


Lucky me. 

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