April 13, 2018

I came to find out yesterday that there are many things I desire to experience more of in my day to day life.  Within a one hour period of time, I was invited on a journey through a veritable maze of emotions stemming from recollections to prognostications and it was completely fascinating.   


One piece of the journey that especially impacted me was when a couple of words, in particular, were spoken as a way to describe me.  One word, literally took my breath away, both, brought tears to my eyes.


The power of the word.


We know if asked that words can cut.  Anyone who has ever been bullied either as a child, an adult or both knows this all too well but how often do we think about the power of the word to uplift, motivate, inspire, re-fire or better yet, like in my case yesterday, allow people go breathless, even for a moment? 


I have the pleasure of speaking to many people in my line of work on a regular basis but I cannot recall the last time a beautifully spoken word absolutely stunned me.  There and then in that breath-deprived moment, finding my hands over my heart and my mouth in a gasp, did I realize how much power we humans possess to move one another with a single utterance. 


In this day ahead, although I certainly am not suggesting we try to conjure up “breathless”, as that experience was 100% organic, not contrived in any way and a huge part of why it was so special - what I am suggesting is that you be more present, more aware of what is coming out of your mouth, what is coming out of my mouth, this very day. 


Because every waking moment of every single day we have the power to build up or tear down, build up or tear down.  Let’s not save the “good stuff” only when things have been accomplished or achieved and let’s not for a moment believe that the “tear down” words only spoken in anger are the damaging ones.  It can be the subtle, the withheld, the incessant soul eroders that cause the most damage over time, trust me.


The coolest thing?  Like the barbed words that stick and can cause pain again and again when remembered, the words I have the pleasure of recalling from yesterday can move my soul, again and again, anytime I wish, with the allowance of a simple thought.


What kind of impressions can you leave on the minds and hearts of your fellow beings today? 


What power you possess.  Use it well.  

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