Definitely Sprinkles

April 20, 2018

It's funny, this newer way of thinking about things and the journey I began 3 1/2 years ago, has me perceiving the world and the people in it in a much different way than I had for the majority of my life.  


Case in point, things, of course, can get to me but most of the time, I don't get really worked up about stuff anymore, even people.  I have fewer opinions about "current events" because I don't watch or listen to the news.  I have many new folks in my life, most much different than anyone I hung around with when I was younger and I intentionally choose these days to live a life of contentment.


"That's nice", some of you might be thinking about the contentment part but I do my best to avoid situations and people who do nothing but add discontent to my life so, between the shifts in thinking and being proactive with whom I choose to spend my time with, I achieve "contentment" most days.  


I used to think the word meant more about being in a blissed-out state of peace, taking a sort of non-stance about everything, like "going with the flow" to the nth degree, almost to the point of "doormat" status.  Until I began living it.


I did find myself and still do at different points in life acquiescing way too much, a little too "in the flow."  Then I read a book that put the thought in my head that you can be a person who chooses peace, wishing to live out of that space but still have preferences.  Perfect, I thought!  


You see, I am fine with you living the way you wish, that's cool, but I may not be fine with the way your choices impact me, so now it's my turn to make a choice. Put up, speak up or shut up.  I'm finding the last option not working so great of late and I've decided to make a few changes, or shall I say I plainly, I intend on speaking up a bit more now.   


Simply put the choices are not a peaceful doormat or back to the way I was living.  It's contented living whose definition is a "state of happiness and satisfaction."  I'm finding to be happily satisfied, I need to find my voice and ask for changes in areas where discontent is jacking with my juju.  


How about you?  Do you say you want more peace in life?  I certainly meet a lot of people who do in my line of work.  But like anything else worth having, you must create it, not opt for the wimps way out, because by saying or doing nothing you simply add another brick to your ever-increasing "wall of resentment" and who ultimately pays for that?  


I'm Jennifer Raybaud.  I make a choice each and every day to live as close to a life of contentment as humanly possible.  I try to be the best person I am capable of at any given moment.  I try to be nice to those I cross paths with and invite into my life but I am not lying down in the name of peace for people to wipe their feet or lay their personal crapola on, ad infinitum. 


Like while ordering an ice cream cone, I have a preference in taste and in my case, a preference in decor, its got to have sprinkles, definitely sprinkles, so I speak up with the probability that I'll get what I've asked for. 


How about you?  Time to find your voice?  Time to step up to the window and share what you would prefer without hesitation? 


Is it simply time to ask for "sprinkles" a little more often?



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