I Refuse...

June 7, 2018

Yet we do it all the time. And yes, dears, WE disappoint ourselves, others do not disappoint us. IKR? That's what most of us think, yes?


No. It's the other way around, once again proving that we have WAY more power in our lives that we ever dreamed possible. WE disappoint ourselves by having expectations. Expectations of others, typically.


You in your mind or maybe even out loud, expect someone to do this or say this or perform this task and they don't or they do it half-ass and you're disappointed.


You had expectations that they would follow-through in the way you wanted them to and they didn't. Disappointment.  Bummer.  


I personally got sick of being disappointed so I learned not to disappoint myself by not having expectations. Now, I'm not spot-on with this all the time but I am WAY better than I have ever been and if you want to talk about how to live a more peaceful life...implementing THIS is a game-changer.


I certainly head into things hoping they turn out but I no longer expect them to. If they do, BONUS, if they don't "Oh well, it is what it is."


And here comes a BIG reminder!  Remember that acceptance does not equal complacency. Just because I accept what comes out of a situation doesn't mean I don't chat with someone to try to get on the same page moving forward or that I don't just do the task myself because it needs to get done and address things at a later time.


Let's not turn peace-loving, contentment seeking people into malleable idiots with no preference and "doormat" written on their foreheads. That couldn't be further from the truth.


"I refuse to disappoint myself."  How about you?  Ready to KICK the feeling?  Ready to jump back in the drivers seat or plop down in it for the very first time?


Yes, yes, yes?  


Feels good, doesn't it?     

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