To You...

June 24, 2018

I have to say I'm just blown away.  Seriously.  I was scrolling through Facebook and it hit me hard that I am now at an age where many of the posts I see are of my friends in the midst of chaos as they watch parents, family, partners, friends or loved-ones take ill and in some cases, pass away.


It's sad and at the same time the grace and strength those I call "friend" are showing when the chips are down is inspiring to say the very least.  Many have come to the conclusion, conscious or not, that it's simply time to stop wringing their hands so they can roll up their sleeves.


Even upon a loved one passing they very often say that knowing the loved one is free from suffering is the greatest gift of all.  They mourn but they see - although a journey indeed - that they will find a "new normal", pack up the lessons and bigger heart they received from going through what they did and ultimately make this world a better place...empathy firmly in tow.


So thank you, my friends.


Grace and dignity are rare commodities these days.  I feel honored to be around so many navigating life firmly entrenched in those divine ways of being.  To those you love, to those you care for today, to those you pray for, to those you lift up in spirit and for those you's to you.  <3 

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