"Dis Me"

June 26, 2018

How often have we found ourselves when it comes to interactions with other human beings or maybe work situations that we say we are "totally disillusioned?"


"I am SO disillusioned with my relationship with him/her!"


Upon hearing this, both in listening to ourselves say it and others around us once we voice it, we get the distinct impression that you are unhappy with your "recent findings", right? I mean disillusioned means what? What you thought was "truth" for you, no longer isn't?


Well...I beg to differ. Being disillusioned is a gift, my friends. It means you are no longer living an illusion. No longer are your views obstructed by the various "veils" that you were donning prior to the disillusionment and how fabulous is that? Seriously.


When we walk around with illusions about everyone and everything we cannot function at our best. It's like we are walking around in a made up story with false or incomplete information, we are the ones completely deluding ourselves.


We want to believe things about people and circumstances that are not true because the unveiled truth isn't exactly what we want so we mentally "Photoshop" it. Personally, I have found mental "Photoshopping" does nothing but delay the inevitable. I WISH I was disillusioned quicker and more often so I could get out of the fog and back to breathing fresh air.


To be disillusioned is to have clarity so you can possess vision and decide what "next steps", if any, need to transpire. To be disillusioned is to truly SEE, maybe for the first time, what's really going on. To live with obstructions removed and fantasies vaporized is the only way to make use of the gift of disillusionment and allow full participation in a grounded, centered, crystal clear "best you" life.



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