Setting the Record Straight

July 5, 2018

My son-in-law and I were having a conversation last weekend about social media and the way people and their lives can be perceived by those "peering in."  He's a big fan of keeping things lighter in nature and I completely honor that, no doubt.  


I also know many who insist social media should be used only to "put your best foot forward" while others see it as a platform for social reform, a combo of those things and about one million other things in-between but what Brain and I did agree on is that often what other people think about your life rarely portrays the "big picture."  


For instance, I have discovered two interesting perceptions people have shared with regards to me.  One is that good thing, after good thing, after good thing keeps happening to me and that's about it, with the other being that I'm really, really busy all the time.   


Well, allow me to set the record straight and I've addressed this occasionally, via my little (can be) soapbox moments on Facebook in the mornings...but yeah, bad things happen to me too.  I'm probably quite average in that space to be honest.  I do choose to share some of my "life situations" publicly and hopefully how I learned to work with the set-backs but I certainly have less than lovely things happen to me...just like you.   


Case in point, over the last month, I have had some harsh criticism given with regards to my work.  It's been rough.  Feels like I'm getting punched in the face or in some cases, downright pummeled. My emotions have ranged from fear to tears.  Do I have some skills to navigate this stuff?  Yes, I believe I do but I am still a human being who is hurt when unkind things are shared in unkind ways.  


Personally, though, I don't feel the desire to run to social media and share every downturn in the road and I'm pretty doggone sure you guys don't want to read that stuff all the time either.  If I've given the impression that I live a care-free, charmed life.  I do not.  I hopefully live a grateful, blessed for what I have and try to learn from all the other shit life.  


Two!  I am not busy all the time.  I actually have the best balance I have ever experienced in my life up to this point.  I work but I build in time for exercise, meditation, connecting with folks I like seeing, fun, adventure, you name it! 


I can't remember who's credited with this quote but I adore it.  "Balance is not something you find, it's something you create."  Amen!  Call me a braggart but I have worked hard in this space, hard to create the balance I enjoy so much today.  I can highly recommend it but before you can create balance you typically need to "clear some space" and that, my friends is where most folks can trip up.  Clearing space means you have to make it, making it means you have to say "no" to people, set up boundaries and other "fun things" that may disappoint others but in the end, will prove to be your saving grace...and theirs. 


Speaking of disappointing others...  ;)  I'm sitting in my office right now, sage burning, fingers typing away, finding the elements of recent criticism I can productively use moving forward and working hard to let the rest go.  I would be lying if I didn't say these things shake my confidence but in my heart of hearts I know I have righteous motivations with my business, that I am trying to help people live better lives, whether it's dealing more constructively with things they've been tossed or learning how to savor the days they have left, I know I'm doing the best I can, and yet will never be, everyone's cup of tea.   


So here's to setting the record straight!  To balancing the scales a bit and in all honesty, to allowing me to purge the rougher emotions of late and enjoy the catharsis writing and many of you bring to me.  


Thanks for taking the time.  


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