July 30, 2018

I have to admit like all human beings there are times in my life where I can get jealous. I remember in my 30's and early 40's entrenched in my sales career and living in a perpetual state of stressful fluctuation between jealousy and some serious "Type A" overdrive.


It's like I was working hard, "blinders on", while never keeping my eyes down too long before I scanned the landscape to see who on earth I might perceive as competition, doing "better than me" so I had an updated idea of where the "bar" now resided. Exhausting way to live, by the way. So exhausting I couldn't keep it up and in my early 40's I began to ease up, particularly on the "landscape scans." I realized I spent way too much time in other people's business which in turn, took me away from my own.


One of the best concepts I've learned on my spiritual journey since 2014 is that when you and your mind are all up in other people's business, who on earth is "up there" for you?


I've found my head in other people's business (personal and private) too much lately, not in a jealous way, quite the opposite, because I care but nevertheless, it's kept me away from my own business too long so as my fabulous coach John Dulworth would say "Good to know."


So armed with my "good to know" and new week ahead, I am back firmly entrenched in my own business!


Oh and two more things I've learned come to mind anytime I feel "the green-eyed monster" of jealousy peeking in on me. One, who am I to begrudge someone their slice of happiness? Would I want someone wishing my glimpses of happiness, some I have worked very hard for, away? So wanting happiness for myself but wanting to destroy it for others, even just between my ears, isn't cool.


And lastly, know this and you may end up jealous less often, it certainly has worked for me. Jealousy stems from a need in you being unmet. You are jealous because the ones you feel jealously towards possess something you wish you had, from more affection and appreciation to recognition, you name it, the list goes on and on. But bottom line?  They have it in your eyes and you do not.


Maturity would suggest you identify the unmet need and find more healthy and constructive ways to fill it. Vilifying or worse yet, using your thoughts and words against the one that you perceived as possessing more than you, is not good or a productive use of your time.


Jealously. A beautiful "pointer" designed to allow, if you let it, the wiser more centered, grounded you to reveal themselves.


And we all benefit when he or she shows up.



Photo Credit:  Pexels


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