I Wish...

September 1, 2018

I meet people on a regular basis suffering from varying levels of anxiety, I get it from time to time as well having experienced everything from the low-level buzz of just feeling "off" to the Mac Daddy "panic attack", neither, or the wide range of intensity between them is fun.


I used to think anxiety was all about worrying and being afraid of some future circumstance or event. What I found on my own journey was that anxiety was, yes, about worry but really more about control. Me not just worrying about the future but me wanting desperately to control the outcome. I found myself saying "I wish..." a lot when I was feeling anxious.


Two things helped me and continue to help me today. One, I understand where my anxiety comes from. Knowing why I'm feeling things in my body and where it's coming from helps me work better with it. And two, I have learned how to apply a lot of soothing self-compassion as I work with my body and mind during those times. Both, as well as some other things, have made a world of difference in my day to day experience.


If you are suffering I hope you do two things. One, listen to your body. If it's telling you via discomfort that somethings up stop, acknowledge it and either take steps to learn how to work with it yourself or reach out to a professional if it's messing with your quality of life. WAY too many people these days try to "push on through", do that long enough and your body and mind will pay...dearly in some cases.  And second, be kind to yourself as you are experiencing any level of distress. It's not that it "shouldn't be here", it IS here, denying it does nothing to help you, working with it does.


When you stop fighting what you are being given and begin to see what it is trying to tell you, finding anxiety finding you, can be a much less frequent occurrence.


Wishing each of you some peace this holiday weekend. ❤️





Photo courtesy of Pixabay 

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