The Best We Can

September 5, 2018

I got a great refresher over the weekend. I had something come up that caused me to get a little perturbed with someone. Perturbed to the point that I KNEW I was too far one way in my perceptions and needed to intentionally seek out a "balancer." In other words, I needed to put a bit more humanity back into my view of this person because no one is "all good" nor "all bad."


In doing so, I was compelled to go back to a part in author Brene' Brown's book "Rising Strong" that I remembered about all of us doing the best we can with the tools we have at that moment.


After taking that information and advice back in, I softened a bit and balanced my stance. I'm so happy I did. It's funny when I tried to find a quote about "doing our best", I found plenty about "I'm doing the best I can." but almost nothing stating "We're all doing the best we can." Funny isn't it? So "I" want some grace 'cuz I'm doing the best I'm able but're certainly not. And let's not even discuss "we!" #sheesh


Sinatra sings "The best is yet to come." And as much as I adore "Ol' Blue Eyes", in this case, the best is here already - especially when it comes to each of us doing what we can at that very moment.


There's always room for us to change and grow but we need to lighten up on one another. For a myriad of reasons, folks can have SO many things between themselves and their "end game" - for instance, I almost cut a driver off a couple of weeks ago because I was "in thought" about a recent death and was crying a bit. At that moment, at that time...I did the best I could. Not saying my best lived up to anyone else's standard but it was my best nevertheless.


May this be a week where cutting some slack and keeping in mind that we're all doing the best we can at that moment with the tools we have remain in the front of your brain.  ;) 






Picture by artist Carolyn Gavin.  Her work can be purchased in all different kinds of incarnations!  From journals to greeting cards and more.  Google her name for all the possibilities.  

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