In Part...

October 6, 2018

What an interesting week it's been.  A week of thoughts, feelings, and emotions showing up in many different forms and yes, you might say that sounds like a typical week for many but in my case, it felt like the "volume was turned up" on all of them.  


In fact, it's kind of funny that after I get done sharing in my blog this morning, I'm off to write a class for Monday evening entitled "Working with Emotions."  Thank you, Universe for making sure I was truly "in touch" myself before being given the opportunity to share with others. 


But, I digress.  So emotions, feels, all over the place, now what?  Well, I believe everything we experience is here to inform us in some way.  It's either present to point us in a new direction or it may be here to affirm a current path.  Either way, they are given to us as guides.  This is why when I meet people who try to do anything but allow "what is" to be there, I feel a little sad inside.  This is because I know what you don't deal with, deals with you - for years or even a lifetime if left "un-experienced."  The quickest way out is through and there's no such thing as going through "in part", only in entirety.  


My week of profound emotion and revelation culminated Friday afternoon when my friend Wendy who was (thank goodness) open to being the artist in charge of painting the cover of my book brought said painting to me so I could see the whole thing for the first time.  I got a teaser (aka the pic accompanying this piece) from her on Sunday only heightening the wonderful emotion of excitement for me the entire week.  


The picture Wendy sent me last Sunday gave me a partial idea of what may be in store but it wasn't until I saw the whole picture that I took a first step on the journey of understanding.  I saw the painting and at first superficial things bounced out at me, the colors, the look, the overall feel but the more I "sat with it" the more I intentionally "took it in" the more I awakened I was to what I thought Wendy had given me.  Keyword, "thought."


Boy! Was I still only there "in part."  Once, she asked me what I thought and I shared those initial and maybe not so initial insights, she asked if I wanted to hear what SHE was thinking as she painted, I promise you, I couldn't have said "yes", fast enough.


The first thing Wendy shared with me about an element of the painting, brought me to tears and every subsequent thing shared, only made the tears flow stronger.  If you haven't had the pleasure of an artist you know sharing through paint, words, etc. how they perceive you, I highly recommend it.  What a beautiful gift yesterday afternoon was.


I had no idea when I got a little "part" of the painting on Sunday what incredible things were waiting for me on the other side.  How much "of the whole" I was missing even when I thought I "had it."  How much "of the whole" was completely absent until I was enlightened to another's perspective.


In this age in time where separation and "sound bite mentalities" rule, I challenge you to be a radical, making the choice to intentionally connect, slow down, put the phone down, take the time, look someone in the eye, hug longer, be honest, foster intimacy, be present and vow to live a life that's nothing short of out loud, large and in charge...


Not in part.  

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