In Celebration Of...

November 16, 2018

I crack myself up. Sharing tidbits and musings on life as I experience it, knowing full well that I am FAR from having all the answers and will continue to be a simple, hungry student with her hand up in this, our school on earth.


Last week I wrote a post on "The Serendipitous Souls" Facebook business page reminding folks to not save things for "special occasions", that every day you are alive it's a "special occasion." We've all heard that but reminders can be good. And it proved to be good for me as well.


I have had these candles sitting unused next to my bathtub since 2007 when I moved into my current home. That's right. Unlit, sitting there like they were ancient artifacts (well, they kinda are now) for 11 years.


This week, I literally "saw" them for the first time in years and realized how silly it was that they sat there unused AND how lovely it would be to bathe by candlelight...and as you can see, I lit them and enjoyed them thoroughly!


So the question is this, what do YOU have sitting around desperately waiting for your attention because it's for "special occasions" only? What piece of jewelry? What dishes? What outfit? What recipe?


A student in class this week shared that she found baking all the family holiday cookie recipes exhausting and that it had turned into just another thing on the "to do list" as well as adding thousands of additional calories to an already calorie-ladened season.  I made the suggestion that she consider preparing one cookie recipe scattered throughout the year as a surprise for her family.  This way she's making them when her heart is in it and I bet eating them would be a ton of fun in March or August!  Why save them for the Christmas season only?  


Impromptu celebrations, as small as they may seem, make a day, an hour or a moment SO much more fun.  For instance, my friend and I literally "picniced" in the parking lot of her workplace one day.  I headed over with the "provisions", we put a blanket down on a small "island" of grass and we celebrated...that her workday was done, that the weather was beautiful and that we just enjoyed being friends.  


I keep a small bottle of bubbles in my purse to lighten the day, I have two tiaras in the glovebox of my car...just in case.  I make some of my closest friends nuts because I put glitter in their cards.  I break out wine or champagne spontaneously, offering folks the opportunity to be "moderately irresponsible" with me.  The list goes on and on because...  


Every day is an occasion and every day is special if you deem it so.


As we head into the holiday week ahead, consider what you've been holding back on really enjoying (yes, that's the same as "saving for a special occasion") and make it a point to give it a little attention.  Light that candle, wear that ring, use those dishes, slip on that outfit, and make that recipe when no one expects it.


In celebration  


Can't think of a better reason or a better time to enjoy!

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