Deny Nothing

December 12, 2018

Re-reading a great book by author Ryan Holiday. Ryan does a lot of work involving the ancient wisdom of the Stoics. The Stoics are a group of philosophers from Greece an
d Rome in the 3rd century, BC. Stoicism encourages a life that maximizes positive emotions, reduces negative emotions and helps individuals to hone their character.


Really, good stuff! But I digress.


One quote really popped out at me last night because so often when trials present themselves we "default" into self-pity mode, anger, resentment, frustration, angst and a whole load of other emotions, including the timeless classic...why me?


This book suggests we understand fully that "what impedes us empowers us" and I couldn't agree more.


The challenges we face, like running a race are designed in the long run to strengthen us even if we feel worn out in the midst.  Don't think for a moment any challenges you face (keyword face vs. avoidance) once transcended...won't transcend you. They certainly do.


Every. Single. One. Of them.


Know as well if your challenge involves another soul and it will require them to feel some discomfort, that is now THEIR invitation to grow, their invitation to empower themselves. Don't you dare rob them of that knowledge! The knowledge that not only do they possess everything they need to be resilient and bounce back but how beautiful some new growth can be. Growth, I assure you, will be leveraged in some other way some other time.


Making it GRAND can require us often to make it anything least for a while. Trusting in life, trusting that you are supported, trusting in the process, those are the things, my friends, that will grace you with the power to see even some of your most turbulent days, as GRAND.


Deny yourself no experience. 
What impedes, empowers.

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