February 4, 2019

You are only capable of loving others as much as you love yourself.


I invite you to really take what I wrote under advisement and consideration. The old saying "hurt people, hurt people" stems from the fact that a person's self-loathing far outweighs their self-loving and hence their propensity to keep people "at bay" whether through word or deed.


The unconscious or even conscious narration might sound something like this "They'll see the real me and run, everyone else does..hell, most days I want to run away from me too."


Now I'm not giving a "free pass" for people to just go around hurting folks, absolutely not, but at times, we ALL lack some loving behaviors towards ourselves. Our critics are right there to remind us that we weight too much, no one is ever doing to want to date us, we're terrible with money and so much more.


I am a BIG believer in taking 100% responsibility for our lives.  I would love to see all folks UP the self-compassion and learn how to get a rein on the critic. When the critic is reined in a bit and people understand how much better life could be when they do so, how they behave would mellow out and allow them to open up, beautifully.


We are all responsible for how we choose to behave and there are consequences for all of it...whether you speak mainly "sunshine" or you roll through life, fluent in "thunder."


You are only capable of loving others as much as you love yourself.


Love could easily be replaced for other words like respect or being's an incredibly powerful concept of understanding how often and in what areas we short-change ourselves and those around us. 💗

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