Creating Reality

March 11, 2019

I read something in a book that was so mind-blowing to me, it kept me awake. So here I sit a little bleary-eyed, writing to share what it was so maybe it does something to keep or shake you awake as well. 


The line was this: 

"Everyone of us creates the kind of reality we think we deserve." - Don Miguel Ruiz


I want you to stop, reread that line and sit with it for a moment. 


I have to say that often at the studio (and when I take my "show on the road") I've shared that "what's in is reflected out and what's out is reflected in" but I would use that line when I spoke specifically about clutter.


If you have a fair amount of chaos in your head, it wouldn't be a big surprise that things might be a little cluttered in your home, car, work space etc. The "in" being reflected in the "out."


Turn it around and the more clutter you find yourself in, the more cluttered your "in" tends to be as well. That's why you feel relief when you clear a previously cluttered space...but I digress.


I had a very narrow focus on the concept though. Reading that simple but incredibly powerful sentence last night, took my lens WIDE and allowed me to see the concept applied to your entire life as it is today.


So naturally, I checked in with myself. What's up with you today, girl? How's that "outside", that reality looking when I hold it up to what I believe I deserve? And I'm here to report, I'm pleased. I believe I treat myself with respect and my reality reflects that.


Ironically, I remember telling my friend Jill Blashack Strahan that I was always blown away by how respectful her team (that I've worked with for 20 years) is and how never, ever in that time frame was I treated disrespectfully (I mean we all have bad days, right?) and I thanked her for that experience. She, in turn, told me I was treated that way because I WAS that way to her team. Ah ha! Jill has been teaching me for years but it was that sentence last night that allowed me to understand how it applied to my life today.


Well! Time to turn the attention YOUR way! How's your reality looking today? How's that self-worth and worthiness clocking in?


Here's the most beautiful thing of all. If you know that what you are experiencing in life is tied directly to what you believe you are deserving of, you can "turn the tides" any time - start to assess why you limit yourself, how you can believe more supportive things and like magic your life will begin to mimic the positive shifts you've intentionally made and HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THAT, my friends? #yayu


I. Can't. Even.


I'm pretty damn excited about the possibilities for ALL of us! I really am.


Yet another gift, another tool, another resource here to heighten our awareness and allow us to design and live our best lives.  

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