July 8, 2019

I've been thinking about relationships quite a bit lately. The ones we have with ourselves as well as with others and a factor I find common to both is courage.


In order to live your best life, you have to have the courage to let yourself truly be seen by those you deem worthy and on the flip side, you have to have the courage to allow people to dislike you as well.


Allowing yourself to be vulnerable to the people you wish to be closest too, isn't easy, it takes courage. Because vulnerability to me isn't a "hall pass" to overshare or just go on and on about yourself and your problems, it's about telling me how you screwed that thing up, how your business isn't doing that great right now and your terrified or the reasons why you love our relationship. Pretending isn't an invited guest in these kinds of authentic exchanges but courage is.


Allowing yourself to be disliked isn't easy either. But thinking that you are going to please everyone is lunacy. It's exhaustive lunacy as it's an impossible endeavor. I don't care how "nice" you are, you will upset other people at some point. Trying not to can become a full-time job, robbing you of your life. I personally, don't want to waste my life doing things I no longer need to with people, I no longer wish to. Walking away from situations, circumstances, and folks that do not add to your life can be very tough...hello courage.


So whether you are lovin' on the folks that add to your life with more of "you" showing up or you are making the choice to step back or away from the emotional drains in your life, I wish you the courage to make it so.


The courage to live your life out loud. 💙


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