Play Ball!

July 15, 2019

Over the weekend I had a metaphor pop into my head and it felt so "right", I thought I would share.


Navigating life is like being a softball (or baseball) player "on deck." How you show up on that deck depends completely on the number of practices you've attended and what you've learned.


Because, let's face it, we are all just waiting for the next "life situation" to be thrown our way.


If we have listened to our coaches (mine are many, higher powers and my own mortal ones included), we are committed to being in shape by constantly adding to our skills and checking the ego to understand where we need to work harder, we will show up "on deck" ready to deal with anything life throws at us.


With determination and focus on our faces and yes, a few "dents and scratches" as badges of honor for past well fought fights, we know when all is said and done, no matter where we land, we got this...and we know it because, above all else, we possess faith.


Faith in our coaches and faith in ourselves.


So if you've been feeling a little "shaky at the plate" and a bit more faith could serve you well, allow yourself the opportunity to grow by making time for some specialty practices in your life.


Need to learn how to forgive? Work better with long-standing anger or resentment? How about your quality of life? Care to be a little happier or more content with who and where you are?


There are many resources available today to guide you on your quest to be the best player you can be. "The team" needs you to be.


Practice might not make perfect but let's be honest, you will certainly be one well-rounded, well-prepared player when it's time for you to "step up to the plate."


On behalf of the team... we thank you. ❤️

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