Mirror, Mirror

August 18, 2019

I believe one of the most powerful things I've learned in recent years is how whether we like it or not, other people are a reflection of where we are inside.


Keen thing is, the "mirror" can show us both the parts of ourselves - the side that presents itself in the world as our better nature well at the same time, "red-flagging" our more dysfunctional aspects.


Recently, I found myself surrounded by people who tended to be (even some self-proclaimed) scattered and were not following-through on various things. I immediately thought "Where in my life am I scattered and lacking follow-through?"  When I shared with a friend who is very well aware of the "mirrors" all around us, she suggested I just sit with it a bit longer. Lo and behold, I found two areas of my life right now that are just that, disorganized and unfinished. 


"Good to know", I thought as I began working on one of those areas immediately. 


In the energetic world (which is the whole world, really) it's said that when you "rise your vibration", people of a higher vibration will be drawn to you and I must say, I have found that to be true. In other words, the healthier you get between the ears, the healthier people you attract into your life. And because we are never perfect, you will always have a mix of souls standing across from you in your mirror. 


When we are not aware of this Universal law or we ardently deny that we're staring our biggest dysfunctions in the face when we refuse to get curious about what we're being shown, we suffer deeper and longer.


We are being given a gift in the warning signs that come via the mirror. Yet despite the warnings, sometimes repeated, many do not heed them.   


Looking back, I spent a long time being thrust in front of the same mirror, over and over again, and at first, I didn't know I was staring my own issues in the face, but even once I did, all I did was deny. "THEY are the ones with the problem, not me." HA!  Completely untrue.  My dysfunction might not match my mirror exactly but it always lets me know when somethings not right.


Speaking of things not feeling right, you know this too, deep in your heart. You know something is not healthy with you and this person, something is "off", but you apply logic and reason or more often than not, blame because you don't want to acknowledge the issues much less DO something about them, like leave this soul and move on.    


If you feel "dis-ease" around someone, look in the mirror. Sometimes it's glaringly obvious you and that other person have the same baggage, other times it can take a little investigation but I promise...you're being shown.


We were not put on this glorious planet to be dysfunctional. To hurt and hurt others. This is why we're being given the opportunity to see where we're stuck, so we can learn new ways and live out of that healthier mind space.  


I want to thank ALL my mirrors. For they show me beautiful traits that also reside in me, well at the same time, showing me where I am but a fragile, imperfect human who needs to get her needs met in healthier ways.


My best to any of you struggling this day.

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