Not Your Girl

September 28, 2019

Had a little revelation this past week. It seems I'm much less agreeable than I used to be. You see, I find it near impossible to agree with things I don't agree with anymore. I don't feel the need to fight and defend very often these days but I struggle to just "go along" with things because it's what others might want or expect of me.


This is a strange twist as I played the role of "pleaser" and "nice person" in various parts of my life for so long. Not just nodding my head and agreeing so I'm considered "supportive" seems odd - even though I've been shedding those contrived parts of me for the past few years.


Maybe it's the coaching that's causing me to not just go along with things since my clients pay me to help them seek out and navigate any "blind spots" but I think it's more than that. I'm finding I can't BS when I believe people are short-changing themselves. Now, mind you, I try not to go into details about my "take" on what they share unless I get their permission, but I can't just go along with it anymore.


In fact, the more I care about you, the less ability I have to stay quiet and compliant. 


But, with all due diligence, I cannot bring up this subject without saying that it is not cool to impose any thoughts, ideas, opinions, etc. on people without their permission...that includes your offspring, no matter how young or old they are. It's called respect. Too many fall way short in this space. Ask if you can share your thought or opinion and respect the person if they say no. Chances are they will say "no" for one of two reasons, they're good with their line of thinking or they have tired of yours being "offered" without permission for way too long.


So friends, family, countrymen! If you want someone to just nod their head and comply, I can assure you "I'm not your girl." But if you can see on my face, I'm not "all in" or you get it from what I write and you want to know why...feel free to ask or I may just ask you if it's OK to share.


I feel blessed to "see people" often in a way they may have lost touch with temporarily. I can see them living from a more enlightened, expanded place, so I challenge...some pick up the gauntlet I've tossed down and others never even inquire as to why I didn't just "go along."


Both scenarios are perfect.


I'm not here to change the world, I'm just here to live my best life and in the process, if I'm able, to challenge some thinking along the way. ❤️

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