The Grace of Pace

December 1, 2019

SSSIGH... It's the first day of December and after a month that felt like it lasted for 6, I'm ready to slow my roll a bit and get a little rest.


Friday night when I was heading to work after a very full week and 8-hours Christmas tree chopping with family earlier in the day, I knew I had overpromised and overextended myself. I was exhausted and still had another full day ahead of me...not good.


The next morning I decided to cancel an event I had scheduled later in December because it was "sandwiched" between two already and would be a lot of work. Luckily, the person I was in partnership with it, understood completely.


My point is this, my body, my heart, and soul were screaming for a break and although I took them in tiny increments where I could, a "day off" was what I needed most.


Every now and then I need to remind myself that although I still possess a lot of energy, that energy at 53 is different than when I was 33 and although I "got that message" awhile ago when it comes to say...picking up heavy things (I'm not going to risk hurting myself) I'm much slower to recognize that when it comes to filling my calendar.


So where might you need to "embrace a new pace?" This time of year especially, I invite you to sit, be with yourself and take stock. Those gigantic dinners you've "always done" can be done differently, I assure you. That list of things that need to be "check done", can be approached with a fresh perspective and still "get done."


In this week, in this new month ahead, may you allow yourself the "grace of space" to get curious about, accept, honor and with dignity... embrace your own pace

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