Let Go

December 4, 2019

They can present with the "sweetest face" and their "pull" can range from a gentle tug to a painful yank - they are the reason we humans suffer and they have you in some sort of grip almost every moment of every day unless you become aware of the way they limit you and begin to do something about it.


The grip of the past and the future can rule your entire life.


Humans often look to the past for their identity so they know how to "behave" today...you're a female, a male, a daughter, a son, a mother, a father, a friend, you do this for a living and that for a side-hustle, you may "show up" today the way you do because of things that happened in the past, etc. There's a LOT of "pull" going on with past alone, can you see it?


So what about the future? Humans often look to the future for fulfillment, so we literally ROB ourselves of the present moment - the only thing we truly have. We wish it was Friday, Saturday, Sunday, we have countdown clocks for our vacations, we "wish" the kids were a little older so they were a bit less work (oh and then we wish they were young again so they were back at home - the tug of past), you know you'll be happier when that tax refund comes in, you lose a few more pounds or finally meet that "soulmate."


Tug, tug, tug, pull, pull, pull and all the while, you're being ripped apart as past and future have their way with you. It begins with an unsettled mind, one if left unchecked will surely "pull" at you in bed at night. Allow them to inflict their strain on you longer and you'll feel it in your heart and soul, your body ultimately paying the price.


Why am I sharing this, beyond the fact that I teach people how to be more present in their own lives and let the rumination (past) and worry (future) go more often?


I share this because I am saddened by all the posts and face to face interactions I have with people in misery because of their thinking and their attachment to its "pull."


I also share this because there is relief available. I know this because I was that metaphoric rag doll with my arms being pulled in both directions by my constant thinking about the past and worry about the future.


I was a mess. I'm much less "messy", now thanks to the tools I've implemented and some very supportive souls quietly cheering for the return of my sanity, of me coming back home to myself, the "home" all of us humans were meant to dwell in and that's in the present moment, in peace.


If you too are feeling pulled and it's not the way you wish to live your remaining days, I hope you seek relief resources as they are there and will work if you have an open mind, the determination to take 100% responsibility for your life and the courage to make it happen. Maybe it's time for you to...


Let go... ❤️

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