December 12, 2019

I have a beyond geeky disposition when it comes to human nature. As many of you know I have a complete fascination with what makes people "tick." Such a fascination, I turned it into a business.


That being said, every now and then I hear or read something that blows my mind in how simply it's explained but how monumental its impact is, this is one of those things.


A Yo-yo. Most of us have played with one at some point, up and down, back and forth, "come here", "go away."


Reminds me of some relationships...ever have a "yo-yo" relationship with someone? Mixed messages like "I want you", "I don't want you? And up and down you go, back and forth "come here", "go away" getting quite dizzy and even "sick" in the process?


I sure have and if you've been in one you know what I mean, it's a confusing way to live, wouldn't you agree?


Well, guess what?


We've all been in a yo-yo relationship. Because we have them (constantly for many) with ourselves. In the world I geek out in, these elements are referred to as "attachment" and "aversion."


Attachment - otherwise known as "come here." In reality, it can take the form of your routines, your preferences, the people you love...and about a billion more things.


Aversion - otherwise known as "go away." In reality, this can take the form of procrastination, your dislikes and the people you don't like...again, a billion more exist.


So what's my point in bringing this up?


When we swing too far in either of the above, we suffer. That's it, we suffer. We cling, we push away, we cling, we push away and it's no wonder we feel so much "dis-ease" as a collective human population these days.


This is BIG, HUGE stuff but I'll keep it simple.


When you feel "out of sorts" ask yourself if you are wanting things to be different than they are. If so, you are actively "on the yo-yo" and if you've been wanting and wishing things were different in this area of life for a long time, you probably haven't been feeling well for quite some time either.


When you want things to be different than they are (the reality) you are volunteering to suffer because you are attached to what it is you want instead of the reality or you are averse to what is currently going on, because you don't want that either.


People can spend their entire lives like this.

Sounds like a pretty rough way to live if you ask me.


All change begins with awareness...consider yourself "awared" and as you head into the end of this year and the beginning of the next, may you make the choice to allow reality to be as it is more often and see if after awhile more peace is bestowed upon you for the healthier choices you've made.


More self-awareness, more self-regulation.

These practices are referred to as "work" for a reason.




Maybe it's time to put the thing down... 

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