Well Enough

January 4, 2020

In talking with my coach yesterday a subject came up that I have pondered on a bit ever since the call ended.


The subject we chatted about was the fact that I have some very distinct feelings, opinions and views on what I want to involve myself in these days, and in having these, of course, I will not be pleasing some folks.


Ultimately, we discussed the fact that I worked very hard for the better part of 3 years to crawl out of the darkness to get to the place I currently reside in. I will call that space one of peaceful contentment. And trust me, I didn't get here without "breaking a few eggs" (or whizzing a few people off) in the process.


Although I am fully committed to continuing to live as close to "content" as I possibly can, it's funny how I found myself even mildly entertaining the idea that maybe I was wrong not wanting to involve myself in certain things and with certain people. I mean maybe I wasn't giving "blank" a chance, maybe I was just being avoidant (done that dance plenty of times in my life) or a myriad of other reasons.


Finally, I "stepped back" and realized that no, I'm doing nothing wrong by honoring who I am today, participating in what I wish, allowing everyone else to do what they wish, without judgment, just knowing, I'm good with my decisions and the subsequent consequences of them.


People-pleasing is such a "sticky" thing. I found myself doing it this week although I didn't catch it until the damage was already done.


The older I get the more "contorting" has become my "red flag" for NO. If I am changing myself to do things for you and against me, I'm honoring neither of us. The world is FILLED with human's resenting humans - if we simply "contorted" less and honored more...the energy would shift.


To a year where more souls get to know themselves well enough and love themselves well enough that they know when to leave pleasing others well enough alone.



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