January 25, 2020

Read the BEST reminder today and it began simply with this quote "Check out your own B.S." - J. Taylor


I know what most people think "B.S." is but in this case, it stands for "Belief System." The things you've come to believe are true either from the way you were raised and conditioned to the things you've knowingly aligned yourself with as an adult.


Some of these things are very conscious "choices" you make, day in and day out and some are buried way back in your subconscious, still having their say, trust me but just in a much more "stealthy" way.


The powerhouse thing is, that your belief system determines EVERYTHING around and inside you.


What do you truly believe about yourself?


What do you believe when it comes to your ability to get the things you aspire to from fulfilling relationships to a great job, from a home you love to the perfect outlet for your creativity?


And here was the kicker in the piece I read.. (I love "oh snap" moments btw)


"If you really want to know what you believe, take a look at the people, conditions, and situations in your immediate environment. They are reflections of your own B.S." - I. Vanzant


The suggestion was then made for all of us to look around at our current life situation and assess if what we're surrounded by is a good representation, a good reflection of what we most want for our lives.


I say often in my classes and during coaching sessions that we have WAY more choice in our lives than most of us ever take advantage of.


If you're feeling stuck, unsatisfied, complacent or a slew of other "meh" maladies, take a look in the mirror and ask yourself those two questions I shared above.


Releasing yourself from old or ever newer belief systems that hold you down or back is a wonderful thing as we were surely meant to be both grounded beings as well as ones that take flight.


Stop holding yourself back from experiencing even more of a life you'll love! 

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