Big Dreams

March 10, 2020

So many of the people I run across at my classes and in my coaching practice are looking for "something more."


They can feel like up 'til now, they fell into the current of societal norms and have been going with that flow without a lot of thought about their preferences since they were busy with family life, but as the kids get or got older and the job has been or is becoming kinda "meh", they want to jump out of the stream to do a little reflection and contemplation on the shore.


It's true that we have an insane amount of noise in our society these days. Throughout almost all of the 6 million years, upright-walking ancestors have roamed the planet, the noise had been limited to nature. These days even nature can be noisy with airplanes overhead, boat motors roaring in our lakes and cars whizzing by on our neighborhood walks.


We have things constantly vying for our attention, visually as well as auditorially. It's no wonder we find it hard to be clear on what we want and where we might like to go in life these days.


The key to living your best life is to get clear on what you want. Clear on one thing, that's it. Through some intentionally set aside time for prayer, reflection, journaling, working with a coach, whatever methodology you choose, identify one thing you wish to "go for" and make that your focus.


Do the things that help propel you to where you want to go and stop doing the things that impede that from happening. When you find you're "there", pick a new thing to journey towards and do the same thing. It's a simple concept, it's not always an easy one to execute.


I think one of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself is "Does THIS support the way I want to feel? The way I want to live?" And ask it often as it provides clarity for the journey to unfold.


Making the conscious choice to rise above the din, to live from a place of clarity and focus despite the distractions can be a very satisfying endeavor. And I say endeavor on purpose as I believe from contemplation to the creation, the journey towards the life you desire can be as fulfilling as the destination itself, even more so at times.


Wishing each of you BIG dreams and the clarity to make them a reality. Because in the end, we're all just here to...


Make it GRAND! 💙

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