Conspicuous Consumption

March 11, 2020

We are vulnerable creatures. As safe as we may try to keep ourselves, we all know our lives can be gone in an instant. So with that being said, we were created with a negative bias to help keep us on the planet longer. A mind that seeks and scans for potential threats to our being in an effort to keep us safe. The media knows this and capitalizes on it, each and every day.


They want you scared at 7 AM on your commute, just enough so you come back at 6 PM, scaring you some more so you "get the latest" and come back at 10 get the idea, you know the rigmarole.


This summer will mark 12 years without the news for me (a former news-aholic) and yet I still know about all the "big things" going on, trust me, even without watching the news I tire of seeing and hearing about things in the few outlets I do participate in.


These days, like most of you, I'm seeing a host of "people calm down posts" or "I'm preparing for the worst posts" and I get why people feel that way, it's what I wrote about at the beginning of this post. But if you're open to a potentially different point of view, I invite you to read on with my take on things these days.


What I know to be true is this, you don't talk about and post things if they aren't on your mind and typically, they're bothering you. On any subject, ever. If you're posting about it, a part of you is afraid and that's OK, remember? It's human nature!


Acknowledge that you are afraid, even just a little, be kind to yourself and begin to ask what you can do to soothe yourself and salve those fears a bit. I can tell you consuming more mainstream media, won't do it. I personally hit "The PBS News Hour" page when I need the facts and just the facts. I could count on one hand how many times I've gone there over the past dozen years but it is the place I go to see if I need to. It seems to be the most grounded, clear-cut, no frills source I've encountered so it's my "go to" when need be.


The final thing I'd like to mention is that one person is not better than another because they choose not to don a mask or pump copious amounts of hand sanatizer, some of us are more fearful than others but mark my words, we are all afraid of something.  Making fun of people who are more scared than you are is mean and we certainly don't need more judgment or meanness in the world. 


When fear and egos mix, look out!  


Want to live with less fear all the way around and enjoy your life even more? Watch your consumption of media, especially now, lessen it or maybe give yourself a break for a few days and just see. I promise as one who has stepped away in yes, a big way, I do not have my "head buried in the sand" as some have suggested.  I know what I need to.  


Again, a little reprieve or a walk away for a period of time might be just the thing you need to lessen that fear and allow you more opportunity to enjoy the changing season and the beautiful things life presents to you on a daily basis.


Allowing for the humanness in all of us without condemnation - letting each person have their experience while at the same time, being fully responsible for our own.  


May we all be at peace. 

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