Looking Back. Moving Forward.

March 28, 2020

Something dawned on me while I was talking my daily walk yesterday and that's the fact that throughout my life, I have been given various opportunities to experience things that have made dealing with the current life situation a bit easier to take.


I started by time-traveling back about 5 years ago when I began my spiritual journey. Where I was a very "broken soul" but where a little flame in me knew I could get out of the dark hole I was in, so I became a seeker. A seeker of better ways. Better ways to think and behave and in doing that - by looking for anything to help me get my life back, I got more than I could have ever imagined. A "tool kit" FILLED with resources that got me out of THAT bad time in my life, now supports me at this time in my life.


It's HUGE!


I rolled back a few more years and realized that my children going to college and traveling to places like South America, Amsterdam, France, and China (where my daughter was for 6 months) "trained me" to be OK with them not "under my wing" for long periods of time - to trust that all would be well.
What a gift that time is proving to be these days.


Traveling back to the mid-'80s, my boss, a Century 21 franchise owner was on the road a TON and I was his "Girl Friday." I was alone in the office most days, almost all day and at 19-21 years old, I learned how to "get the job done" and be resourceful. I've actually written to thank my old boss for giving me that PROFOUND gift as I am still able to motivate myself to work from home, (even these days) something I've done now for 29 years!


When I rolled back further to my teen years, I was reminded about our family boat. That's what we did back in the 70's and early 80's, we took off on trips all over the state and Canada but when my brother and I were teens and had jobs, we stayed home while my folks took some jaunts. Perfect! Taught my brother and I how to be responsible and more importantly, self-sufficient. My folks have had a place up North for years now and again, I'm used to not seeing them for months. This time of year they are but a 1/2 dozen streets away and doing fine.


Finally, as my journey back in time continued I thought about being a kid and taking piano lessons, how regimented that was, how I had to practice and practice and practice, over and over again, the monotony was brutal at times...you know? Kinda like today?


What can I say? Life prepared me well and I continue to pour copious amounts of gratitude skyward because I know that my little household is in much better shape today for what I've learned all these years leading up.


Take some time to peek back and see if you got some of your courage from your Grandpa, your tenacity from your BFF, your ability to see the glass as "half full" from your mom (my mom helped me with that one) or the ability to "make do with what you have" from your dad. (got one resourceful daddy too!)


Think about what you have in YOUR "tool kit" to support you these days! We can get WAY too wrapped up in the media and think lack is everywhere when I'm here to tell you STRENGTH and enoughness is everywhere...begin by looking inside yourself.


My thoughts and prayers are with each of you this day, especially those of you in any state of struggle. ❤️


Lookin' back to move forward.

Make it GRAND!


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