Stay in Your Lane?

April 5, 2020

My coaching clients can tell you that one of the things I really work with them on is "staying in their own lane." If you are unfamiliar with the term, it simply means (in the bluntest terms) "minding your own business."


Why do I suggest this so often for my clients? Well, its for the same reason we stay in our lane when we're driving, biking, etc. When you go into another's lane, you could potentially get hurt or worse. At the very least, you put both yourself and another person or persons at risk.


These days I am seeing the collective (society) swerving all over the metaphoric roads and it's disheartening to say the very least.


From the (sorry, not a fan) of the "Stay the F Home" movement to folks posting pictures of people not distancing enough, from admonishments because someone got a take-out from a restaurant desperate to stay open to "They didn't give ME six feet!" declarations, when I believe we should all be responsible for our own experience by moving out of the way, but that's another story I won't share at another time.


My point is this. As if the collective hasn't already been buzzing with fear for over a month, fear so palpable, I swear I can literally feel the vibration, now let's add some huge tsunami's of judgment and self-righteousness to it.


I know there are folks not following the guidelines put forth by the President, I also know the chances of them doing it with you "swearing at them" is probably slim. Same with judging them, admonishing them, etc. That person is probably going to do what they want no matter who has asked them "tow the line." I get why folks post this stuff too, their frustrated but I promise, that isn't what will win this war.


All this negative energy on top of the negative energy just makes coping through this harder. What we need to do is recognize our own fear and work with that. When we do, we will understand that "staying in our own lane" that caring for our own mental (first and foremost), physical and emotional well-being and that of those in our own household is how we'll win this war faster. When we and those in our homes are strong, we can then support our fellow man better as I see so many doing from chalk drawings of support on sidewalks to honoring the medical heroes of the day.


From what I have heard, we are heading into the darkest days of this. Let's not continually put ourselves and others "at risk." Let's stop with the incessant stream of negativity against one another. Let's consider staying in our own lanes.  


It's level heads, bravery, and compassion that in the end will win this war.

You know that, because it's what you want in those who lead us these days.

Then why not be that too?


God bless America.

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