April 16, 2020

Yesterday was an interesting day, filled with dichotomy. I witnessed or was the recipient of everything from profound kindness and connection to massive anger and immobilizing fear. And one idea came to me as I was getting ready for bed last night.


We are imprisoning one another far more than any government mandate could ever do.


I believe the consistent consumption of fear, withdrawal from face to face human interaction and too many hours swimming around in a cesspool of negativity has done that to people. Even the heartiest of souls have to shake their heads in disbelief at times.


Look at how some of us behave these days because of the above mentioned "diet." Ways that you would have found unbelievable not that many weeks ago. Ways that I'm sorry to say that have done nothing to support good mental health in us as individuals or our collective as a Nation.


One of the reasons I believe our country needs to begin the process of opening back up goes way beyond the economics of it all...we need to preserve what's left of or in many cases find some level of sanity again.


That horrific "diet" has eroded our sense of peace, safety, trust, and freedom, to mention just a handful of things, it's also caused many of us to judge, judge, judge, everyone and everything on steroids..."She should be wearing a mask!" "He shouldn't be outside!" "They should be selling me this!" "We shouldn't be deprived of that"...and on and on and on ad nauseam.


Dear God...PLEASE Stop the Madness!


My heart goes out to those of you living in true fear this day. Fear that you may catch and succumb, fear that loved ones may, fear of going out of the house, fear of going to the store, fear of getting even close to folks that just a handful of weeks wouldn't have hesitated to hug-up for a moment.


If I could wave a magic wand as we try to begin to put this chapter in American history behind us, it would be for us to stop spending so much time entangled in the business of other people. It's literally turned us against one another in epic proportions - even more than we were before all of this. Quite frankly, I find it all of it heartbreaking.


I'm here to suggest that 1 person, 100 people, even 1000 people not doing what we're being asked to do isn't going to keep the millions that do from putting an end to this. Can't you see by now that people who don't want to do those things, won't?  No matter how angry you get. The only person you are hurting is you and the people you live with and haven't you sacrificed enough already? 


Yesterday showed me both sides of this pandemic and the incredible toll it's having on America's mental health. In recognizing that, I am committed to doing things to continue to protect mine, I know that the more "bad" I let in the more "bad" I attract into my life, it's a swirling vortex and gains more and more momentum, like a destructive storm.  What I "feed" is what's important now. What are you going to choose to feed today? 


There's no "psychological stimulus check" being sent to help you mentally, you have to make the choice to walk away from the news, from social media, from never getting fresh air, from talking about it all the time, from so damn much screen time in so many groups that do nothing but work you up more. 


We are imprisoning one another far more than any government mandate could ever do.


Love and light my fellow humans.

As I pray for peace this day...peace of mind.

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