Chasing Good Energy

May 4, 2020

Over the past 10 days, I've had a very whizzed off feeling swirling in me. The intensity of it has come and gone, but it never left me.


I know where it's from, it's from the collective energy which I have loathed since the first time I walked into a grocery store post-quarantine orders, with the fear of the unknown emanating off so many, I could feel it everywhere!


I get why it was there, it's because people didn't know what was going to happen and were scared but it had a heavy intensity I had never experienced before. Then add on a HEAVY layer of humans "arguing" their positions not just in the news media but all over social media as well.


From hating your government's handling of any part of this to thinking it's OK to tell other people how to behave or worse, "call them out" (literally) with videos they took and post them. It's no wonder, even with my intentional mitigation of social media and news, how (I'm going to be real mature here) YUCKY and bogged down I've been feeling recently.


I have a hard time with humans turning on one another.


Over the weekend, Michigan had some pretty sweet weather. Way warmer than early May typically offers, 70's and sunny so I went to the beach Saturday morning and delighted (as I often do) in nature, I also took delight with seeing guys from Michigan (of course) but also Indiana, Illinois, Ohio and even Kentucky with their fishing boats, trailer'd up so they could enjoy our beautiful state and boy, were those men happy when I talked with them that morning. Their happiness was my happiness.


Saturday afternoon I got to distance chat with a friend for a couple of hours, in the sunshine, sharing, talking about (thank God) non-COVID related things since I too have found my stunted social/work life greatly reducing my topics for conversation but right after I left, my friend texted to say she enjoyed our visit, I felt the same way, her happiness was my happiness.


Sunday saw two more distance visits, one on the deck of my folks home, one at a park and while walking home from visiting with my folks, about 10 Corvettes in the most FABULOUS colors came roaring by, tops down, middle-aged dudes in their glory 😉 revving their engines, I could FEEL their energy, the excitement of it all, the coolness of being with their fellow car enthusiasts, the thrill of rumbling through our town making people stop and stare. It was SO cool, (I'm from Detroit after all!) I got angelbumps. Their happiness was my happiness and I had the energy LOVE to prove it.


Why do I share this? Because maybe some of you have felt the same...kinda down, crabbier than normal, maybe sad and you are certainly not alone but may I suggest a couple things to navigate the days, weeks and months ahead? Oh, and forget "the new normal" as a friend reminded me this weekend, everything changes, nothing stays the same, all of this is "for now", not forever.  Keep that in mind if, like me, you are being asked to do things you don't particularly like. 


One, set boundaries. Love yourself and honor yourself enough to take note of when you are literally riling yourself up for no reason. If you find yourself getting mad reading your News Feed or watching the news, STOP IT!  I mean it. Why during these already trying times would you intentionally make yourself angry, combative or more miserable?  It's ridiculous! Take note of when your doing it and make a healthier choice, please. We need less angry, combative, miserable people, not more. 


And two, chase good energy. Chase things that make you happy. Sunshine, fresh air, bike rides, talking with people you love, seeing other people enjoying themselves, moving more so you get those positive hormones know where I'm coming from. 


I haven't enjoyed feeling heavy and crabby, and although I can't do a thing about the collective energy, I can (like I have been advocating for a long time) "stay in my own lane" taking care of myself first then helping to tend to the needs of those I love. 


Wishing each of you a renewed energy, the stuff spring is known to bring forth and a hope-filled week ahead. 

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