What Are You Looking For?

May 5, 2020

A quick reminder that you will find what you're looking for if that's the "pair of glasses" you choose to put on. You want to find "evidence" to support your position? Trust me, you'll find it. You want to spend part or all of your day outraged by people wearing different "glasses?" Oh man! You'll find that too.


I am dismayed at the way information is so skewed to whatever "mother source" is pushing it out and quite frankly disgusted by the media hell-bent on feeding our people a steady diet of fear so they keep "coming back for more." Shame on anyone or any entity intentionally inciting fear.


As I've said before, NO ONE will mind your mind for you, and in these times when many are struggling mentally, doing so takes even more strength, even more of a commitment to limit your consumption and put yourself and your well being first. 💙

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